CNC Parts


When a CNC machine goes down for unscheduled service and repair it is a big problem. TMG is here to help keep it as small a problem as possible.   We are also committed to working with you to prevent critical component failures.


Critical Spares

TMG can recommend a set of critical spares for your facility.  Our service experts can tailor a spare parts list that is the perfect fit for your machines.


Local Inventory

TMG maintains a local parts inventory for the most common needs across a wide variety of manufacturers.  Call us first.


Rapid Part Sourcing

Some parts and components are not in local inventory.  Our parts experts will do everything they can to get you the part you need, FAST!

In a perfect world CNC machines would never break. This is not a perfect world.

The harsh reality is that all machines fail and usually at an inconvenient time.

We have the CNC parts you need, or we can get them to you QUICKLY.  We have the expertise to source parts globally and will work with you.

We intimately understand CNC Machinery and can recommend service and maintenance programs to minimize machine failures.

CNC parts
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