Pre-owned Machines

TMG specializes in pre-owned CNC machines.  Our service experience and our decommissioning skills help us spot opportunities to place used equipment on your production floor.  We are experts in our ability to support the pre-owned CNC machines we sell with our wide range of service including start-up, service, solution integration, and financing.

Brand: OKK
Type: KCV-800 5ax
Age: 18
Condition: Good


12,000 RPM

CT-50 Spindle Taper

120.08″ X travel

32.28″ Y travel

28.35″ Z travel

+/- 35 degrees A and B axis

30 tool ATC


Brand: Yasda
Type: H30i
Age: 23
Condition: Good


  • Fanuc 16iM Control
  • CT40, 30HP 20,000 RPM Spindle
  • XYZ Travels: 25.6” x 22” x 22”
  • A: .001 degrees, B: -120 degrees, +45 degrees
  • Table Size: 11.8” x 11.8”
  • Max. workpiece size:
  • 240 Station ATC
  • 32 Station Pallet Pool with controller and (1) load station
  • Rapid Traverse rates: XY: 2358 ipm, Z 1572 ipm
  • Max cutting feed rate: XYZ: 787 ipm
Brand: SNK
Type: HPS-120B
Age: 12
Condition: Good


Main Machine Specifications:

  1. CT50, 15,000 RPM, 73HP Spindle
  2. Travels: X= 124”, Y= 71”, Z= 41”
  3. A-axis (Spindle Tilt): +/-100 degrees
  4. C-axis Rotation: +/-360 degrees (Continuous)
  5. Table Size: 120” x 59”
  6. Max. Table load: 11,000 lbs.
  7. 40 Station Tool Magazine
  8. Rapid traverse: X,Z=945 IPM, Y=787
  9. Floor space required (LxWxH): 471” x 323” x 170”
Brand: Mori Seiki
Type: Lathe
Age: 10
Condition: Good


  • Big Plus BT-40 12,000 RPM B axis Spindle Motor
  • +- 120 degrees of B axis Swivel
  • 80 tool ATC
  • 660mm Swing over the Bed
  • Travels of 495/ +-125/ 1560mm
  • Lift Up Chip Conveyor
  • Lower 10 Station Turret with Live tooling
  • Approximately 25 tools for the B axis.  (see Pictures)
  • All available Turret tooling (see Pictures)
  • All available Manuals (See Picture)
  • TMG to Provide a 10” Chuck for the Right Spindle
  • SMW EM-A-4 Expanding Mandrel on Right Spindle
  • New LNS Quick Load Servo 80 S2 Bar Loader

Being the best at new equipment sales is not enough at TMG. Years of experience has helped us develop an effective system for buying, refurbishing and selling pre-owned machinery. The ability to offer refurbished equipment strengthens our client relationships in that they know that we are able to offer a complete array of machining solutions for their manufacturing needs. We are able to offer high values for trade-in equipment due to our large customer base and our ability to do the repairs and refurbishing ourselves.

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