CNC Machines

TMG offers a wide variety of CNC equipment including 9 brands and 18 machine types. We are well positioned to provide the right solution for our customer machining requirements

TMG Brands

We are very proud to represent these brands of CNC machines.  They represent the "cutting edge" of CNC equipment manufacturers.

Taken as a whole, this group of companies offers a range of product capabilities that is both wide and deep.  We are pleased to be able to offer this set of capabilities to you and to be able to integrate equipment from these amazing manufacturers into efficient CNC solutions.

We invite you to click on any logo to the right to search our machines by Brand or use  the "Search Machines" button below to search by brand, machine type and industry.

Industries we Serve...

We understand the special needs and requirements of different industries and their unique applications.

This is a list of the major industries we serve.  If you click on the link, you will be directed to a filtered list of the CNC machines most relevant to that industry.

We invite you to discuss our capabilities for integrating CNC machines into your production capacity.

CNC Machine Types we Offer

Click on a type to see our wide selection of machines.

  • Horizontal Turning Centers

  • Millturns

  • Swiss Turning Centers

  • Vertical Turning Lathes

  • Vertical Machining Centers

  • Horizontal Machining Centers

  • 5-Axis: High Speed

  • 5-Axis: Hard Metal Cutting

  • 5-Axis: A-B Tilting Head

  • 5-Axis: Articulating Head

  • 5-Axis: Trunnion

  • 5-Axis: Horizontal Machining Center

  • 5-Axis: Vertical Machining Center

  • Horizontal Boring Mills

  • Double-Column Bridge Machining Centers

  • High Speed Bridge Machining Centers

  • Five Face Bridge Machining Centers

  • Large Gantry Machines

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